Can Do
with Bill Duncliffe

Can Do is a podcast devoted to all things horse racing - some history, some handicapping, and some humor. Our focus will be on the human interest stories of the people involved in the Sport of Kings.

Every Friday, we will publish an episode consisting of an interview with someone involved in the sport, a short guest handicapper segment, and a big score story from a guest or a listener via social media. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, send in a story, and please hold all tickets!

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Season 2 Episode 12
Interview with Mike Mullaney, Big Score with Ross Duncliffe, and Guest Handicapper Ed Harvey
April 12, 2019

Journalist Mike Mullaney joins us for an interview and shares his experience writing the tragic story of thoroughbred Excellor, and how it has impacted retired horse aftercare. Our producer and former stand-up comedian, Ross Duncliffe, shares a particularly lucky Big Score story, and Guest Handicapper Ed Harvey handicaps the Arkansas Derby.

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Previous Episodes

Season 2 Episode 11
Interview with John Engelhardt, Big Score by John McCarthy, and Guest Handicapper Scott Carson
April 5, 2019

John Engelhardt, best known as "Racing's Regular Guy," joins us for a nostalgic and entertaining interview, John McCarthy tells us his Big Score Story, and host of "Public Handicapper Pod" Scott Carson shares his insights as our Guest Handicapper.

Season 2 Episode 10
Interview with Terry Nickell, Big Score by Mike Mullaney, and Guest Handicapper John McCarthy
March 29, 2019

Today Terry Nickell, managing partner at Endeavor Farms and one of our dear sponsors, joins us for an interview giving us a unique perspective on how horses are raised on a farm and prepped for racing. Mike Mullaney tells us his unforgettable and hilarious Big Score story. Lastly John McCarthy is welcomed as our Guest Handicapper, focusing on the Florida Derby.

Season 2 Episode 9
Interview with Jockey Tyler Baze, Big Score by Terry Nickell, and Guest Handicapper Jamie Michelson
March 22, 2019

Jockey Tyler Baze joined us for an interview during workouts at Santa Anita, and shares with us his experience on the unique downhill racecourse. We also learn about Tyler's start as a jockey and his place in the well known Baze family tree. Our Big Score sponsor Terry Nickell shares two Big Score stories of his own, and our guest Jamie Michelson handicaps the Big Race this weekend at The Fairgrounds in the Crescent City.

Season 2 Episode 8
Dr. Barrie Grant, Big Score by John Engelhardt, and Guest Handicapper John Pinder
March 15, 2019

This week esteemed veterinarian Dr. Barrie Grant tells us about his vital contributions to the field of equine medicine, and the ground breaking surgical treatments that he developed. John Engelhardt shares with us his Big Score story and Guest Handicapper John Pinder returns to help Bill handicap this week's Rebel Stakes.

Season 2 Episode 7
John Pinder and Bill Duncliffe
March 8, 2019

John Pinder shares with us his Big Score, and Bill Duncliffe handicaps this weekend's Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct.

Season 2 Episode 6
Special Edition: Memories of Longacres Part 2
March 8, 2019

In our second and final installment of our special edition, we explore Longacres' storied legacy of legendary horses and horsemen, The Longacres mile, and the untimely demise of Washington's treasured racecourse. Special thanks to Vince Bruun, Joe Steiner, Harley Spring, and Stephen Sadis for offering their time and sharing their memories to make this production possible.

Season 2 Episode 5
Jim Gaudet and Kelly Smith-Lawless
March 1, 2019

Bill shares Jim Gaudet's big score story, and Kelly Smith-Lawless rejoins us to handicap this Saturday's Fountain of Youth.

Season 2 Episode 4
Special Edition: Memories of Longacres Part 1
March 1, 2019

In this first of a two part series, Bill asks special guests to walk him down memory lane and share their personal stories of Seattle's lost but not forgotten, Longacres Racetrack.

Season 2 Episode 3
Veteran Jockey Joe Steiner and Guest Handicapper Neil Duncliffe
Feb 15, 2019

Bill speaks with Joe Steiner about his family's long history with horse racing, his personal achievements, close calls, and racing from a jockey's perspective. Also guest handicapper Neil Duncliffe checks in to give his thoughts on this Saturday's Risen Star Stakes at Fair Grounds Race Course.

Season 2 Episode 2
National Handicapping Championship, Chris Larmey, and Guest Handicapper Chris Melo
Feb 8, 2019

To kick off the 2019 National Handicapping Championship, Chris Larmey calls in to discuss the NHC from the players' perspective. He also stick around to share his very first Big Score Story. Finally, Chris Melo handicaps this Saturday's Sam F. Davis.

Season 2 Episode 1
Keith Chamblin, NTRA, NHC, and Guest Handicapper Matt Packard
Feb 1, 2019

Keith Chamblin, COO of the NTRA joins Bill via phone to discuss the annual National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas. Mr. Chamblin also sticks around to give us a Big Score story, and Matt Packard returns to guest handicap this Saturday's G2 Holy Bull at Gulfstream Park.

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