The Sal and Bob Show

The Sal and Bob Show is a podcast hosted by comedians Sal Demilio and Bob Phillips.

They love steakhouses, so they visit some of the best in the country, crack wise and generally act like idiots while enjoying a great meal. They talk comedy, gambling, sports, movies and other things that interest us. With regular bits like the One Hit Wonder and The Whine List, it's a lively half hour of nonsense.

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Recent Episode

Steak Bits: Funny Moments From the Sal and Bob Show
August 12, 2019

This week is a very special episode of The Sal and Bob Show featuring some memorable moments from the show over the last year.

The show starts with a clip from a recent episode where Sal talks about stopping at Burger King 3 times on his way home from a gig. Then the guys rant about Amway and what a scam it is in a clip from an older episode. They go on to talk about wedding food and how you have to lie to the bartender to get enough to drink.

On their trip to the famous Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn, New York they were told many times it's cash only. They both talk about what it's like paying for a steak dinner with cash. On their trip to Waffle House they break down the hash brown system and how to order correctly. The guys talk about Wayne Fontes and the time he tried to blame his kid for having cocaine in his car while talking about how tough it is to be a Lions fan. The only year Sal had season tickets for the lions was the year they went 0-16. Typical Sal Luck.

Then the guys chat with Josh Mankiewicz about his work on Dateline NBC and the crazy couples he reports on. Then, in their 4th of July special the guys talk fireworks and reminisce about Sal's dad and his passion for concrete. The next clip is of a recurring segment entitled "Mickey Yells at Rocky" with a scene from Rocky 2.

Bob tells a story from the most memorable Kentucky Derby Party he's been too. They talk about Jeff Bezos and the National Enquirer attempting to blackmail him. Sal and Bob share some interesting Las Vegas trivia. Then they check in with Josh again to talk about how dumb some of the murderers are. The show wraps up with some more Las Vegas trivia and Sal tells a story about stumbling into the AVN Awards.

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Previous Episode

The Sal and Bob Studios - Michigan
August 5, 2019

The guys come to you from their hidden underground studio in Michigan. The One Hit Wonder is In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry. Sal takes his dad to the Motor City Casino and has a steak at Iridescence. They talk Sal’s dad’s life philosophy and how he’s still a sunny guy at 89. The guys also talk about Eric and Mike Jackman, two funny guys from New Hampshire. Shout outs to Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle and Tom McCarthy, the host of the club’s podcast. Sal has great takes on Major League Baseball trades and both guys yap about the slim difference between a good and a great ball player. Sal gives his playoff predictions, and both guys talk about the upcoming Greatest Hits episode on this edition of The Sal and Bob Show.

Republic Tavern - Detroit, Michigan
July 29, 2019

The Sal and Bob Show comes to you from Republic Tavern in Motown, on the eve of the Democratic Debates. The One Hit Wonder is “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands". The guys make fun of what the Democratic candidates are doing in Detroit, and really has a shot at getting nominated. The Whine List is basically Bob bitching about Jerry Seinfeld’s criticism of Bob Goldthwait and how he thinks Seinfeld considers himself apart from the rest of comedy. Sal brings up another Rocky sequel and both guys complain that Stallone has gone a step too far. Funny stories, silly jokes, all on this brand new episode of The Sal and Bob Show!

CUT by Wolfgang Puck - Las Vegas, Nevada
July 22, 2019

The guys travel to their happy place, Las Vegas, and chow down at Wolfgang Puck’s The Cut. The One Hit Wonder is Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles.

Sal confesses that he listens to YouTube videos in his car and Bob can’t handle it. Sal jokes that Facebook is the rotary phone of the internet. Bob and Sal bitch about lousy Spirit Airlines and the new, lousy middle seat that’s coming. Sal has a great Vegas story about winning dinner at the blackjack table. A lively discussion is held about nationwide sports books, and the continuing allure of Vegas. Sal jumps into a story about a Florida man who cut off another man’s tadger for sleeping with his wife. Both guys yap about their upcoming shows. Bob whines again about Caesar’s mistreatment of the guys the last time they hit Sin City. Las Vegas trivia and the Jerry Lewis Telethon are a favorite discussion. Sal has a great story about going to the AVN Awards.

Sal cautions people not to retrieve your out of bounds golfball in the desert. More Las Vegas trivia. Sals upcoming shows include the Grand Casino in Vegas, Big Tommy’s in Novi, MI, and the fabulous Holly Hotel. Bob is excited about his first headline gig at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. Both guys talk about their friend Nate Fridson’s gig there after a loss of power and how he did the show with no microphone. Upcoming guests include Jeff Gorman of the Indianapolis Colts, and William Dettloff, a hell of a boxing writer. Sal has a Whine list about getting pulled over for expired tabs. Bob wraps it up with an exciting announcement that The Sal and Bob Show is in the top half percent of iTunes podcasts.

Mancy's Steakhouse - Toledo, Ohio
July 15, 2019

It’s a Sal and Bob Throwback Episode from Mancy’s Steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio. This one’s been in the can for nine months and the guys don’t even remember recording it. The One Hit Wonder is “Come On Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Sal starts things off talking about taking a first date to a show. Bob says Sal has balls of steel for that. Sal relates a funny story about being in his date’s shower. Bob whines about a casino gig in Minnesota and both guys talk about the bad times they’ve had gambling together. Bob also whines about bad birthday gifts.

The guys spotlight hilarious comedian Kathleen Madigan, and their respect for the way she handles herself. Bob goes off on a rant about how Tom Cruise throws like a girl. Sal goes in the Wayback Machine with his picks for the 2018 baseball and football playoffs. What? It’s a Throwback Show!

Andiamo - Livonia, Michigan
July 8, 2019

Sal and Bob play it close to home and do the show from Andiamo in Livonia, Michigan. The One Hit Wonder is Donna Lewis’s “I Love You, Always Forever.” Somehow local newscasters Diana Lewis and the crazy Bill Bonds become part of the discussion, as does Rocky.

Sal and Bob talk about having corporate jobs and balancing that with a comedy career, and the conversation segues into one of our favorite comedians and friends, Gary Gulman. The guys talk about Gary’s Twitter campaign to give a bit of comedy advice every day for 365 days. Sal brings up some of the difficulties in juggling another career with comedy. Both guys agree with Gary’s advice to judge your jokes by the reaction of an ideal crowd. Sal says performing with a comedian like Gary makes you want to bring your A Game.

The guys talk about the World Cup and Bob brings up ways to spice up the game, and both laugh at their friend Steve Lind’s awesome soccer joke. The Whine List is Bob’s complaint about idiots blowing off fireworks after the 4th. Bob also bitches about people who freak out about their dogs on the 4th.

Sal talks about the Andiamo Showroom and Bob relates a story about meeting Don Rickles and asking Rickles to call him a hockey puck. Both guys talk about the recent California earthquakes, wish everyone well, and talk about the science of earthquakes, like they have any idea what the hell they’re talking about. Sal brings up the latest Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga news.

Both guys yap about yet another losing night at the casino, but Sal goes nuts for the Locket Link slot machine. They follow that up with a discussion of a complicated pain in the ass blackjack game they’ve only seen in Toledo, and wind it up dispensing blackjack advice.

Bern's Steak House - Tampa, Florida
July 1, 2019

It's a very special 4th of July edition of the Sal and Bob Show! The guys visit the world famous Bern's Steak House in Tampa, Florida. The one hit wonder is The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key. Sal and Bob review the recent Democratic Debates before really diving deep into the latest about Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga. They later talk about their family traditions surrounding the 4th of July holiday. They wrap up by talking about the dessert room and the amazing menu at Bern's, including the dessert room. Happy 4th of July from everyone at the Sal and Bob Show!

Ocean Prime - Troy, Michigan
June 24, 2019

Its the Ocean Prime, Troy, Michigan episode. So of course the One Hit Wonder is by Billy Ocean, Get Out of My Dreams. Because we’re like that. Sal relates a story about going to a White Out Party and wearing black. The guys trash the new Library Pub, lamenting the cool, intimate, old version that actually had books on the shelves. They both agree that Get Out of My Dreams couldn’t be recorded today because of the MeToo movement. Sal gives a little history of the owner of Ocean Prime, Cameron Mitchell, and how he started his business. Our special guest is our producer and very funny guy, Nate Armbruster (@natecomedy).

Sal relates a great story about a couple from WWII who reunited after 70 years. The guys talk about all the sex senior citizens are having in retirement homes, and the rise of STDs among seniors. Gross. Bob talks about how people promise to get together and never do, and how tragic it would be to go to a 75 year high school reunion. The guys welcome Nate who tells about his extended tour of bourbon country. Nate calls it “Sal Country.” Nate says he never had the confidence to tell Bob that he drinks his bourbon meat. Nate says Buffalo Trace is the longest continuously operating distillery in the country. Sal gets really passionate about the tradition of bourbon distilling. Bob does his Cliff Calvin thing and talks about bourbon’s resurgence in the USA.

All the guys agree there should be a bar at the distilleries. Bob brings up taking your own candy into the movies and the guys take off on bringing booze in. Bob talks about eating movie candy outside a movie theater and how weird it is to eat Sno-Caps and not being in a theater. All three guys yap about eating all their food supplies before the movie starts. A lively discussion is held about what time you should arrive at the theater, and how awesome it is to be the only one in the theater. Sal says he solving to watch The Irishman in a theater on his phone. Bob brings up the newest X-Men movie that killed the franchise. Nate says he wishes he could reboot some of his act. All the guys talk about Spider-Man and how long it’s gone on. Sal and Nate agree that you might as well do Raging Bull II and Titanic II. Sal talks about extending movie sequels and the guys agree that they should reboot John Hughes movies. Brunch Club. All three guys round out the episode agreeing that superhero movies are played out, especially the Joker character.

Father's Day Special - Bob's House
June 17, 2019

Sal and Bob have been on the road a lot so they decided to record this special Father’s Day episode and cook steaks at Bob’s house. The One Hit Wonder is Cats in the Cradle, by the great Harry Chapin. Chapin was not a one hit wonder but who cares.

Sal shares some of his betting secrets and admits to betting everything from birthdays too license plates to his mom's hospital room number. Bob explains why they chose Cats in the Cradle as the song for this episode. Sal then shares some deep Rocky trivia.

The guys mock dad jokes in honor of Father's Day by reciting some of the worst ones they've heard. Some are pretty bad. Sal shares a great gambling story from a trip to the Dominican Republic and Bob shares a nice story about a time his father showed him he had his back.

The guys wrap up the show with a short interview with comedian Derek Richards who is promoting The Irish Comedy Tour. An original comedy special available everywhere now!

Jess and Jim's Steakhouse - Kansas City, Missouri
June 10, 2019

It’s Kansas City, Missouri with Sal and Bob, at the unique and fun Jess and Jim’s Steakhouse. This steakhouse is one of the 10 best steakhouses in the world, Bob discovered the establishment after he and Sal went to Kansas City for several shows. The One Hit Wonder is Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. Sal tells a funny story about riding with former Kansas City Royal, Jim Eisenreich. Bob brings up his admiration for Sal’s baseball knowledge.

Bob gives the definition of a Tub Thumper, and the term “pissing the night away”. Bob bloviates about his disdain for Phish. Sal and Bob reenact another Rocky scene from the first Rocky, with help from their producer Nate Armbruster, who does a killer Stu Nahan. Because the guys are obsessive, they have to do a Lori Loughlin update. Sal talks about her daughter Olivia, and what the hell does YouTube Star mean? Bob rails against the whole “influencer” thing.

Sal and Bob welcome Steve Sabo, who has six CDs out. Bob remarks on how impressive it is for a comic to have that deep a catalog of jokes. Steve expounds on the importance of writing new openers and closers and staying fresh. Sal relates a story about how Rocky Laporte’s advice was to start strong, end strong, and try you’re new stuff in the middle. Bob compares Steve to James Brown, and tells a story about the first time he worked with Steve at a shit gig in Flint, and some advice Steve gave him about comedy audiences. Steve relates the importance of never prejudging an audience. Sal asks what was Steve’s largest and smallest crowd he ever performed for. Steve’s response is hilarious.

Bob tells a story about a show Sal and he had in Minnesota for eight people, and how difficult that can be. Sal asks whether those kind of shows eliminate the rookies and weak hearted. Steve agrees. Bob asks whether you learn more from bad shows than god shows. Steve says the bad shows teach you more.

Bob talks about how large crowds behind 2,000 demand a different timing. Steve agrees, saying you have to play the room “bigger.” Sal agrees that it’s a whole different animal doing a show for a theater with a mezzanine. Sal asks Steve if it’s difficult to be both a comedian and a booker. Steve has a great answer about how to deal with the egos and misunderstandings in the business, and how to be fair in booking comedians.

Bob brings up how a lot of comedians don’t understand the business side of things, and why they call it Show BUSINESS. Steve talks about how a comic consistently cancels and creates problems, and how if it’s HIM who has to cancel, he will offer to eat the costs for the promo. Bob talks about the business side of comedy. Sal talks about Steve’s merch table, and how he’s legendary for working that angle of the business. Steve says merch sales is not his favorite thing, but it’s a necessary component of making money on the road. Steve relates that women make the most purchases at a comedy show, and you have to address that fact. Sal asks where listeners can find Steve. Bob ends things with Jess and Jim’s slogan, “You can’t beat our meat". Listen Now!

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